Simple-Admin for Ubuntu

Command-line tools for simplified server administration


  • Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (or later) or Debian 6.0 (or later)
  • ...a few command-line tools (handled by installer)


The automated installer script downloads and copies files to locations in /usr/local. It also installs the required command-line tools and Perl modules.

  • curl -L | bash — for curl supporters
  • wget -qO - | bash — for wget fans
  • ...or run directly from a download directory: ./

To install a specified version, add a VERSION environment variable:

  • curl -L | VERSION="1.3" bash
  • wget -qO - | VERSION="1.3" bash

Configuration files can be copied & modified from /usr/local/share/simple-admin/*.conf examples (after installation).

Backup Tools

Process Tools & Helpers

File Tools

  • simple-fileinfo – Prints information about a file or command
  • simple-utf8 – Converts files to UTF-8 (from ISO-8859-1) if needed
  • simple-zcat – Concatenates and prints compressed files